Monday, October 12, 2015

Things I miss about the USofA

Preface: My life was pretty rad back in the States but I like adventure and travel so now I'm in Grenada. Plus I'm just kind of an idiot when it comes to making a life plan. Plus side it's gorgeous here, has supermarkets that play X-mas music in October, and an abundance of breadfruit.

Alas, I still miss my country for the following:

1. My rollerblades- the odds of me just walking in the streets and getting hit by a) a speeding van and b) a coconut are pretty high. Add in hairpin turns and volcanic hills to the mix and you're just asking for disaster. So Elise if you're reading this, my cat-loving friend, no I have not found a place to shred in Grenada. And yes my soul dies a little each day. 
Epitome of "cool"

2. GREENVILLE and the people in it! Blergh...Fall for Greenville was this past weekend and while I dove headfirst into my own personal Woody Harleson fantasy that is True Detective this weekend it still did not hold a candle to all the fun I've had in Fall (Down) Greenvilles of years past. Although, my liver thanks me this year.

3. CLEMSON- sure Clemson pick this year, the one year since 2010 that I'm out of the country for the whole season to make this the year we win the National Championship again. I'll just go to Court's and sit in the mock living room to view you while the sales associates continue to ask me to leave. I will not leave as long as you are providing free air conditioning #bestbuywannabe

4. Mis Amigos- I had some awesome people come into my life over the past four years of living in Greenville and man I miss them. COME VISIT!

5. Waffle House- In recent US news a customer just straight up shot a potential robber at a Waffle House. Enough said.

6. Swamp Donkeys and Swamp Rabbit Trail- one of these swampy creatures was good for my health and the other nearly caused every escapade of most of my Friday nights over the past year plus. I guess I just really miss being outside past 7 pm! Hiking, biking, shredding, walking, running, and who am I kidding pretty much just dining al fresco all the damn time. UJ patio :( I can go outside here and go snorkel before Clemson kickoff, but there's nothing like being outside in SC and NC all year round. Remember when I could watch movies in the park, go to beer festival, $1 beer nights, free yoga, and genuinely just live outdoors. Sigh. 

7. SOUTH CAROLINA- you win South. I'm converted, I love you, and I'm coming to stay in 2017.

It's rad here too, don't get me wrong, just a different type of rad I'm starting to get used to...Yeah I just used rad four, make it five, times in this post. Bringing it back!

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