Wednesday, October 14, 2015

If Anna is April, Then I Guess I'm Ron

Shoutout to one of my favorite fellow volunteers (I like y'all but let's be real), Anna, and her post on how she's become more of an "April Ludgate" than the "Leslie Knope" since flying from Miami to the Caribbean over four months ago. Read it here: ANNA BANANA

Since Anna and I have the same sense of humor and get along so well, sidenote her style scores way more points than me, we decided it made perfect sense that I've become the "Ron Swanson" of the EC. This is a tangent, but I'm really happy that Anna and I have stayed friends (other volunteers too) even though we aren't in the same country anymore :( I didn't realize how tough it was going to be to have the uniqueness of our particular post. With four countries under one post, it makes it far more difficult to see your friends from PST so take that Africa. We here in the EC have it rough too!

As a Peace Corps Trainee, green to the reality of life as a PCV,  I identified with Mr. G from Summer Heights High. Now as a Volunteer things have taken a turn towards the Swanson.

Disclaimer this is meant to just be funny, I'm actually a good and nice teacher- watch me teach one day, kids think I'm like Miss Honey from Matilda... no lie

First thoughts upon waking:

Breakfast (lunch and dinner too):

How I look after handing out stickers to the kids at the end of a lesson:

How I feel when the kids don't listen to me:

When someone asks if I'm ready to teach a class:

When I say no a million times (another disclaimer: I would never hit anyone, ever):

After four months of insomnia and loose stools (TMI):

How I used to live in the US, sigh:

How I feel when we run out of cookies at a training session:

How I look when I treat myself to a rum raisin cone:

When I reminisce about my love of the USA:

I would kill for a QT fountain diet coke right now. 69 cents!

But on the plus side we have good + cheap rum:

When I think about SVG Volunteers coming to visit Grenada:

And finally my thoughts as I attempt to sleep at night:

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