Monday, October 19, 2015

20 EC In My Pocket

I decided to remake a Macklemore song for this post "I'm gonna to eat potatoes. Only got 20 EC in my pocket. I-I-I'm broke, looking for more coins. This in not that awesome."

Epic weekend, lot's of ups and downs, but that's the PC life! Plus now I get to experience the opposite of a potato famine since that's all I can afford or stomach. My Irish roots are in heaven. At least, currently in the internet closet, I get to stare at this gigantic lizard out the window. When I asked what type of lizard it was, my teacher friend said, "Oh you know it's just a common every day lizard." Good enough explanation for me!

Now to the main purpose of this post: I asked if I could share my friend Shelby's blog because I love her latest post, not loving that she's experiencing some of the same lows I feel. What I love is how well Shelby writes about what we all go through in the EC. Yeah you could say hey it could be worse or you could be squatting over a latrine in Rwanda but it's still a big challenge and adjustment for all Peace Corps Volunteers. Posh Corps or not!

Without further ado here's Shelby's blog: enjoy! Shell Shell

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