Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Grenada or Bust!

The title of my blog is due for a change! I had originally researched the motto of St Lucia and made it the official unofficial title of my blog: "The Land, The People, The Light" but now that I've found out I'll be moving to my second St. Andrews (Scotland will always be number one) in GRENADA!
I campaigned hard for this Island for no other reason than I really loved the APCD, a fellow Northeastern Alumni! Really it was more than just my new boss... it was mainly because I wouldn't have to speak Kweyol and there was a microbrewery in Grenada!

I'm taking suggestions for my new title for this little blog... post them below in the comment section!
The motto of Grenada is "Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, Build and Advance as One People." Pretty positive that's a no go. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mr. G is my spirit animal

Thanks to one of my favorite fellow PCVs, shoutout Casey, I have been exposed to the joys of Mr. G from the show Summer Heights High. I think the following inspirational quotes from Mr. G showcase what I've been experiencing in the Eastern Caribbean so far.

How HCNs drive when they see you walking on the side of the road:

How I'll feel on August 1st:

How I feel on Friday after a week of Literacy sessions:

How I feel after every Safety and Security session #redvelvet:

The main message of every Core Expectations session:

The feeling I have when I arrive at Rodney Bay and Baywalk Shopping Mall:
Really anytime I hear the Baywalk Shopping Mall jingle:

Me every morning before an instant coffee at PST:

Once again before I've had my cup of coffee or if my hill commute was muddy:

The perks of not having to cook any of my meals for two months:

How I felt planning the boat trip:

How HCNs try to teach you about the dangers of walking home by yourself in the Eastern Caribbean:

End results of planning the boat trip:

How I feel when I find a stray kitten and bring it into the training sessions:

What it will be like when and if I adopt a PC puppy:

How I felt climbing the Gros Piton:

How I feel when I walk into to PST late or if I haven't seen a fellow PCV friend for more than a day:

How I feel if a HCN of the opposite sex wants to a) talk to me b) sell me a straw hat/coconut/or jet ski ride or c) dance with me:

How I come across when I try to give advice from my heart:

What I say to most HCNs of the opposite sex on my walking commute:

 How I've interpreted the Peace Corps' Core Expectation of Flexibility:

How I looked when I saw myself on St Lucian National News:

What I'm thinking about wearing daily to keep the sunburn and mosquito bites at bay:

How I feel when I see any stray dog or any tourist from the UK:

How I really feel when there is conflict between PCVs:

How I dance at Street Jam or Carnival:

What I'm going to do with all my free time and my potential PC puppy at my site:

How I felt when I attempted to collect an extra 5EC for the boat trip:

The fridge at the MPC during PST, especially if you had a bake or vegetables:

Once again how I came across when I tried to give advice or speak my mind during PST:

When a HCN asks if I want anything from his plastic container on the beach:

Our emotions every 5 minutes:

How Shelby relates to everyone:

How everyone relates to Joe:

Every time the PCMO comes by training:

My thoughts on my romantic prospects for the next two years:

How I felt on stage during the closing ceremonies of model school:

How I sound when I try to talk to anyone back home in the states about pop culture or the news:

And finally the real reason why we are all here:

tick, tick, tick, tick, tock we have to wait a lot...

“The journey takes perseverance, a lot of courage, a capacity for patience, a dose of humor, and an appreciation for living and learning within a different culture. It is a unique person who answers this call.”- excerpt from A Life Inspired

Am I that unique person who can answer the Peace Corps’ call? I know I have the perseverance, courage, and the humor side down to a science. But the patience part is seriously lacking. Patience is not one of my strong suits and I feel like the waiting game has been the most difficult things I’ve had to adjust to while living here for the past six weeks in the pressure cooker of PST.

We wait to find out where we will be placed in Babonneau. Wait for our host families to claim us like cabbage patch kids. Then we wait to find out where we will be living for the next two years. We wait for buses to come and buses to fill up. We wait for the "mean-muggin" goat to move out of the way. We wait for our host mom to give us permission to trek up the muddy hill. A hill which she says I take better than a man. We wait for the rain to pass. We wait for sessions to be over and for interviews to begin. We wait for the wifi to turn on. We wait and then wait some more.

Luckily, we also wait and look out for each other. I have gone through some days here that I have been barely able to recognize who I am anymore and not in a good way. I did not expect that. Yes, I'll be the first to admit that I came into this with rose-colored glasses that this would be a 27 month long vacation and at times it has been a dream vacation full of amazing stories and inside jokes with my fellow PCVs. But I think what has really made me out of sorts this week and not myself is the idea that I won’t have some of my favorite new friends with me any longer to experience this journey together. This Friday our PCV trainee family will be divided into groups of eight to four islands with no say in our fate or placement. I have pushed for Grenada but with that push I have realized that I most likely won’t have all my friends with me and it’s a hard pill to swallow. I really have connected with many people here that I can’t imagine living the next two years apart from. People that brighten my day when I’m feeling low just by seeing them. Friday was the day I was looking forward to the most when I first landed in St Lucia and now it’s the day I’m dreading the most.

When I first came down here I wanted to get the best island, the best house, and the best school but now I honestly couldn’t care less. I care a whole lot more about who will be on my island and who will be closest to me. Who will I go to the beach with and who will I hike with. Back in Greenville I had tons of friends who I could call to go do something and now I feel like my prospects are only seven people who I have no idea who they’ll be or where we’ll be.

Guess I’ll just practice waiting some more to see how this all turns out.

On a lighter topic I just overheard my host mom say “With your jelly, jelly rock and roll breasts out. Oh my” to some makeover show on tv.  I guess I’ll wait to see how this makeover turns out too.